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Curiosity in Copywriting

Technique #2: Curiosity in Copywriting

Curiosity in Copywriting – Curiosity is the second of the 12 Persuasive Copywriting Techniques. It’s the bridge between the first technique (relevance) and the remaining techniques. We’ll define curiosity as “the expectation of a relevant and…”
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Hope in Copywriting

Technique #3: Hope in Copywriting

Hope in Copywriting – In copywriting, Hope is “the anticipation of a relevant and valuable experience.” The keyword being “anticipation.” Hope is when your reader expects to experience the benefits of your offer and is emotionally involved…
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Hypnotic Copywriting

Technique #6: Hypnotic Copywriting

Hypnotic Copywriting – While I did not coin the term hypnotic copywriting, the practice of hypnotic storytelling has been around for a long time—possibly thousands of years or more. Since this is my course, I’ll give you my definition of…
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Technique #7: Emotional Copywriting

Emotional copywriting is based on two central rules. The first rule is that your prospect’s interest in your offer is usually based on an internal conflict between their drive to meet a need and the pain of not having that need met. The second rule…
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