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Seth Czerepak

Seth Czerepak is an Author, Freelance Copywriter, and Harvard Certified Neuroscientist. He is known all over the world as a thought leader on the topics of Persuasive Copywriting and Practical Axiology. Seth’s professional experience includes 15,000 hours of direct response copywriting and 10,000 hours of one-on-one counseling. He also holds degrees in philosophy, music theory, and developmental psychology. Since 2009, Seth has ghostwritten and edited hundreds of books on the topics of leadership, cognitive behavior therapy, entrepreneurship, and critical thinking.

Buyers Journey vs Customer Journey

Buyer’s Journey vs Customer Journey

Buyer's Journey vs Customer Journey -this article defines both these content marketing terms, explains the five stages of the buyer's journey and the five stages of the customer journey, and gives you a blueprint for implementing both in your...

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How to Track Content Marketing ROI

How to Track Content Marketing ROI - Content Marketing ROI is a percentage that shows how much revenue you gained from content marketing in comparison to what you spent. ROI is one of the most important indicators of successful...

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