A Content Marketing Agency for Authors, Speakers, and Influencers

Finally! A Content Marketing Agency for Authors, Speakers, and Influencers

Imagine turning YOUR BOOK OR PODCAST SERIES into an evergreen, multi-channel, inbound lead attraction machine WITHOUT generating any new content ideas. 

Right now, hundreds of people are eager to HIRE YOU, book you for a FIVE-FIGURE SPEAKING GIG, or pay top dollar for your training products. If only they knew where to find you.

We can help! We’re the only content marketing agency with a step-by-step system for turning a SINGLE BOOK OR PODCAST SERIES into a flurry of online marketing content, giving you a consistent, credible, and compelling message across ALL your major communication channels.  

Content Marketing Agency for Authors

Why We’re the PERFECT Content Marketing Agency for You

You want to increase your online presence, attract more leads, and become a WELL-RESPECTED and WELL-PAID AUTHORITY in your niche. But you don’t have the time or energy to worry about managing a website, designing ads, writing articles, creating and uploading emails, or building complicated marketing automation funnels. 

More importantly, you want your content to SOUND LIKE YOU, not someone else! Most content marketing agencies use writers who you’ve NEVER MET and who can’t possibly UNDERSTAND YOU, empathize with your customers, or communicate your ideas in a voice worthy of your experience and reputation. 

How do we solve this problem? We repurpose your book or podcast to put YOUR IDEAS in front of your ideal prospects, using YOUR UNIQUE VOICE. We multiply and magnify your presence online, and build a marketing machine that brings quality leads to YOU. Now you can focus ALL YOUR ENERGY on what YOU DO BEST.

How Our Content Marketing Services Work

It’s simple. All you need is ONE GOOD BOOK or a regular PODCAST SERIES (or both) to get started.

We call this your “Content Pantry.” Our team grabs the most relevant and compelling ideas, quotes, and nuggets of wisdom from your Content Pantry.

Then, we repurpose this content to create a multi-media, multi-channel, marketing funnel to attract an evergreen stream of high-quality inbound leads for your business. 

Content Repurposing Strategy
Digital Content Marketing Agency Testimonials

Endorsed By The Godfather of Direct Response Marketing

Dan S Kennedy on The VQ Success Content Marketing Strategy

“Seth Czerepak has accomplished a Herculean purpose with The VQ Success Selling System. He has taken some of the most sophisticated aspects of writing to influence, motivate, persuade and sell and made them accessible and pragmatically useful, nearly to the point of fill in the blank systemization. It is relatively easy to systemize the making of a sub sandwich in 1,000 Subway® shops or the installation of a car muffler in 1,000 Midas Muffler® shops. It is far, far, far from easy to systemize the crafting of persuasive copy. I know. I have been a professional direct-response copywriter for 40+ years, and raised myself to top income in the field, routinely commanding upwards from $100,000.00 per project, earning a 7-figure annual income from fees and royalties, with over 85% of all clients repeating with me. Further, I have taught copywriting to writers, direct marketers and business owners via seminars and workshops, home study and online courses, and one to one coaching. There are easier things to teach. Seth has covered essential bases and delved into advanced and groundbreaking territory as well.”

Benefits of a Content Marketing Strategy

What’s Your Biggest Fear About Hiring a Marketing Agency?

If your answer is “….I worry that I’ll spend money and get no results,” you’re not alone. 

When you hire a mechanic, you expect them to fix your car. When you hire a marketer, you expect them to help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS. This starts with tracking and measuring results. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, but what gets measured gets better. 

Our system works because we take the guesswork out of marketing. 

Top 5 Content Marketing Benefits

Content Marketing Benefit #1: Inbound Leads

This is the most commonly cited benefit of working with a Content Marketing Agency. Modern marketing research consistently finds lead generation to be the #1 challenge facing modern businesses see.

Companies that depend on paid advertising, cold-calling, cold-emailing, or networking (online or offline) are fragile to economic crises like the 2008 crash and the COVID-19 shutdowns.

A good Content Marketing Agency can help you solve this problem by creating a Content Marketing System that attracts a steady stream of quality inbound leads. Inbound lead generation can dramatically transform your business by freeing you from the purgatory of outbound marketing so you can create sustainable profits and growth. 

Benefits of Hiring a Content Marketing Agency - Inbound Lead Generation

Source: Cience Article citing multiple studies in one infographic.

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Content Marketing Benefit #2: Earlier Engagement

This is one of the most underestimated benefits of hiring a Content Marketing Agency. A good Content Marketing Agency helps you engage your prospects earlier in the buying cycle. 

Content Marketing Experts call this buying cycle the “Buyer’s Journey.” Most businesses focus all their marketing efforts on prospects in Stage #3 of the Buyer’s Journey. These are prospects who are actively searching for the type of product or service you sell. 

They’re also being aggressively marketed to by your competitors and likely already favor one of your more popular (or familiar) competitors. A good Content Marketing Strategy helps you become this favored competitor by capturing your prospect’s attention and building a relationship with them earlier in the Buyer’s Journey.

Benefits of Hiring a Content Marketing Agency - Buyer's Journey

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Content Marketing Benefit #4: Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership: [vqsuccess_show show=glossary term=thought-leadership]

This is absolutely the most underestimated benefit of hiring a Content Marketing Agency. Thought leadership is when you become known as one-of-a-kind authority in your field or industry. 

Experts and Service Providers who become Thought Leaders get paid more for what they do and almost always have a waiting list for new clients. Likewise, companies or brands that are known as Thought Leaders often become national or even global market leaders. 

A 2019 Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study of 1,200 B2B decision-makers, salespeople, and content creators showed that most B2B marketers and salespeople underestimate how valuable Thought Leadership is to their sales and marketing results. Here are a just a few findings from the survey:

Top Content Marketing Benefits - Thought Leadership
  • 55% of decision-makers claimed to use Thought Leadership as a means of vetting business.
  • 61% of decision-makers say they are more willing to pay premium prices to work with brands that show clear vision through Thought Leadership.
  • 47% of C-Suite executives say that they are willing to share their information with a company after reading content that demonstrates Thought Leadership.
  • 58% of decision-makers say that they choose to do business with a service provider or company based on what they perceived to be Thought Leadership.

The survey also found that 61% of B2B Decision Makers were willing to pay higher prices to work with brands that showed clear vision through Thought leadership. In contrast, only 14% of salespeople and marketers believed that Thought Leadership would help them charge higher prices than their competition. This is why we say that Thought Leadership is the most underestimated benefit of hiring a Content Marketing Agency.

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Content Marketing Benefit #3: Increased ROI

  • According to Forrester Research, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.
  • According to Forrester Research, companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months.
  • According to The Annuitas Group, nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.
  • According to Edelman Trust Barometer, 63% of consumers need to hear a company claim 3 to 5 times before they believe it.

A good Content Marketing Agency can help you track and increase your Content Marketing ROI. We discuss the details of this benefit and the strategies for achieving it in our article on How to Track Content Marketing ROI.

Content Marketing helps you increase ROI by attracting more inbound leads, engaging your prospects earlier in the buying cycle, and increasing your perceived value through Thought Leadership.

Moreover, a good Content Marketing Agency can also help you find, fix, and optimize the weak links in your content marketing funnel. Most importantly, hiring a Content Marketing Agency can help you build trust with your prospects through personalized email, SMS, messaging, and other Continuity Strategies

Benefits of a Content Marketing Strategy - Increased ROI

Most importantly, a good Content Marketing Agency can help you use marketing automation technology to segment and tag your web visitors and your leads and personalize your website and email content to your prospect’s Buyer Persona, Buyer’s Journey Stage, and content preferences. 

  • Personalized emails deliver 600% higher transaction rates.
  • 65% of marketers say dynamic content is their most effective personalization tactic.
  • Personalized emails get 29% more opens and 41% more clicks.
  • Segmented personalized emails average 46% higher open rates.
  • Personalized email marketing generates a median ROI of 122%.
  • Segmented, targeted, and personalized emails generate 58% of all revenue.

SOURCE: Vervenia Content Personalization Statistics.

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Content Marketing Benefit #5: Content Equity

Think about all the content your company has published, online and offline. How much is it all worth? How many leads does it attract for you every day, month, or year?

If the answer is “none” or “I don’t know,” you have little or no Content Equity. Content Equity is the cumulative value of all your published content (online or offline ) in terms of its ability to attract and convert customers and thus increase your ROI.

For example, imagine you’re a B2B service provider who has more than 100 articles, videos, and interviews published in reputable places, online and offline. This body of published content consistently attracts 20 new leads a month, and enough clients to have a waiting list. This is Content Equity, and a good Content Marketing Agency can help you build it.  

Benefits of Hiring a Content Marketing Agency - Content Equity

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